Valentine’s day Cakes

They say that the way to one’s heart is through the stomachLet our homemade delicacies be the guide to this journey!

Choose one of our heart-shaped cakes in small or medium size, and make the perfect gift for your loved one. We will deliver it right to their door on the agreed day and time.

Add a beautiful love card with your personalized message or send us your favourite picture together and we will make an in-house edible topping for your cake.

Valentine's day cake

Vasilopita (Greek New Year’s Day cake)

The Greek New Year’s cake is not as easy to make as it seems. The dough can be tsoureki-type or cake-type, depending on your preferences or on which area of Greece you come from! The taste is wonderful and it’s usually decorated with icing sugar or roasted almond flakes. It comes with a hidden coin in one of the pieces, which brings luck to the receiver. Order yours online today!


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